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With 22 years of experience of wood craftsmanship, Atelierele Antim use modern techniques to bring out the natural elegance and refinement of wood.

Wood is a material that opens up almost limitless possibilities to the skilled craftsperson, able to bring together the traditional and modern in a single piece of work. This is perhaps what first attracted us to working in wood. Our small workshop grew out of a family of carpenters, and its name pays homage to Anthim the Iberian (Antim lvireanul), who was not only a scholar but also a true craftsman.

In collaboration with famous Bucharest-based architects, we’ve come up with a unique range of objects, combing modern design with the inherent beauty of wood. Atelierele Antim creates works of art that follow nature’s own rhythm.

Our works combine traditional techniques with modern processes borrowed from the nautical world of sailing. The end result is enduring custom wood products and functional design objects. Attention to detail is essential in everything we do, in order to create balanced and perfectly poised works of art.

We are committed to sustainability. We carefully select different timbers from woods that are going to be replanted. We aspire that the skill of woodworking can continue to be handed down to future generations.