A cozy, wooden home – project

Wood represents a complex material, which can be transformed into durable and functional objects, while maintaining its natural aesthetics. We, at Atelierele Antim, gained 17 years of experience in wood manufacturing, using modern techniques in order to value the compliancy, consistency, textures and colours that bring out the elegance and refinement in wood. Combining a tradition of wood processing with special technologies, while, also, carefully selecting durable wood essences, we enjoy creating personalized projects, according to our clients’ tastes and needs. It’s all in the wooden details This project was a special one as we had the opportunity to work...


Wooden furniture and the Acacia tree

Whether it is wooden furniture or wooden frames, the Acacia wood is an elegant and refined choice, as it blends in a subtle way with different kinds of design. When considering the Romanian Acacia wood, we like to use it in our products for the reasons mentioned above, but also for its durable qualities. It is no coincidence that we created the Accacio basin following these lines. The Acacia, commonly known as thorn tree or whistling thorn has a dense history and remarkable uses, beyond custom furniture, from medicine to food or symbolic rituals, according to the region it is...


Elle Decoration article

  • house reconditioning - lobby

Atelierele Antim was part of an ambitious reconditioning project, focusing on a century old house in Bucharest. Featured in the spring-summer 2014 edition of Elle Decoration Romania, this project includes our personalized bath furniture (supporting the basins), dressings and our reconstruction work on all the interior doors, according to the initial architecture. Read the whole article in Romanian:


Lectia de stil

  • acacia bath tub

Our Accacio bathtub was featured in a creative pictorial combining modern and traditional trends in design, in the May-June 2014 edition of Romanian interior design magazine Caminul. As with all our products, the acacia wood bathtub is manufactured with great care for both cutting-edge design and fine wood selection (Romanian Acacia wood). Read the whole article in Romanian:


Past Projects

  • wooden facades

The timeless beauty of wood can be found in each piece of wooden furniture that we create. Here is a selection of wooden frames, decks, facades and custom pieces of furniture from our past projects, where the durability of wood and the creativity of design intertwine in hand-crafted objects. Open the gallery below: