• Wood represents a complex material, which can be transformed into durable and functional objects, while maintaining its natural aesthetics. We, at Atelierele Antim, gained 17 years of experience in wood manufacturing, using modern techniques in order to value the compliancy, consistency, textures and colours that bring out the elegance and refinement in wood. Combining a tradition of wood processing with special technologies, while, also, carefully selecting durable wood essences, we enjoy creating personalized projects, according to our clients’ tastes and needs.

    It’s all in the wooden details

    This project was a special one as we had the opportunity to work on wooden decks, wooden frames, wooden furniture and many more, all custom. Every detail meant creating a certain atmosphere, according to the room it was destined for, from the custom furniture in the bathroom, to the wooden deck, surrounded by grass and leading to the open pool.  

    The custom furniture, also, implied a special design and selection of wood essences, ranging from light brown to red brown, and with certain attributes in regards to durability, texture and consistence, for a cozy atmosphere and an easy to care feel. Another important aspect of this project was the interior wooden deck, which complimented the large windows with wooden frames, in order to take advantage of the natural light and create a spacious living room.

    There was, also, a challenge – the wooden stairs. Made of a light brown coloured essence, we created the impression of suspended stairs, to add to the spacious air of the entire floor. A blend of natural wood aesthetics and minimalist design, the wooden stairs seem to float, while making the shift to the first floor of the house.

    The central piece – the wooden jacuzzi

    Apart from the custom furniture and different types of wood aesthetics used to create various feels in this house, the bathroom constituted a project on its own. Made mostly of wood, in shades of reddish brown, this room is a perfect example of our vision and craft. Treated with special substances and manufactured using technologies in the naval industry, the wooden basins and the special wooden Jacuzzi were the central pieces of the room. The Jacuzzi wooden bathtub was a whole different kind of challenge for us, and we used our best knowledge and tools to make it a real possibility. 

    All in all, there was a lot of complexity, but also creativity, surrounding this project, so our manufacturing skills and imaginative touch was put to test. You can find out more about it, by browsing our gallery. Don’t hesitate to contact us, for further details.