• Whether it is wooden furniture or wooden frames, the Acacia wood is an elegant and refined choice, as it blends in a subtle way with different kinds of design. When considering the Romanian Acacia wood, we like to use it in our products for the reasons mentioned above, but also for its durable qualities. It is no coincidence that we created the Accacio basin following these lines.

    The Acacia, commonly known as thorn tree or whistling thorn has a dense history and remarkable uses, beyond custom furniture, from medicine to food or symbolic rituals, according to the region it is selected from. For instance, in Egyptian mythology it is considered the tree of life, and in parts of the world like Tibet or China, Acacia wood is used as incense to keep the positive energies floating. Moreover, the most famous Acacia is, still, the Arbre du Tenere, considered so because of its isolation in Niger, although the tree is no longer there.

    There are a lot of hidden stories behind wooden furniture. As every tree has its own particularities and a variety of facts surrounding it. We like to uncover the story of every wood type in this manner, because the essence translates into a unique feel of a wooden sink or wood stairs or any other product, for that matter, whether it is custom furniture or not. As every wooden product we handcraft has a different “personality” and that is what makes it truly refined.  

    So, whether you are looking for wooden frames to create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom, or you would like wood stairs for an elegant lobby, or, perhaps, you imagine a whole series of wooden furniture to garner your house for that specific home feeling, don’t forget that each piece has a certain feel to it because of that history. When you ask us to handcraft something designed for your home or office space, we take into account all the little details that make that custom furniture something else. That is the key for how the natural beauty of the Acacia wood and a minimalist design blend together, just to give you one final example.